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10 Gift Ideas for Your Special Musician

Wanna give a special something to your favorite musician?

I’ve got 10 gift ideas sure to strike a chord with everyone – from toddlers to teens to teachers.

1. Music Bag

via Etsy shop MusicVillageGifts

I’ve let my bags practically fall to pieces before I make the move to order one for myself. The poor things are abused! They get tossed on floors and thrown in cars all the time. But every musician- no matter what their age – needs a trusty music bag that can travel anywhere. We’re notoriously bad for letting this one go by the way side because instrument repair and music books get first priority (those are the pricier items we’ll justify spending more money on).

So if you see your musician carrying a bag that’s seen it’s better days, give them a gift they’ll be sure to use.  I found these on Etsy. If you prefer a a solid background, here’s one you might like even more in red, black, or blue. And this one with give them some extra motivation before they grab their music out to practice.

2. Practice Dice

via Etsy shop CaityAshBadashery

Got a little gift getter who hates repetitions? Make it fun with practice dice!

From now on, the dice get to decide how many more times they have to play their piece before practice is over. No cheating! It’s all fair game once you roll. Go with this mix or some cute wooden ones. A small music bag like this one can keep them together so they don’t get lost!

3. Necklace

via Etsy shop applelatte

Jewelry preferences are pretty personal. But if you know what kind of jewelry they tend to go for, you could have a happy little girl on your hands. Honestly, you can grab two and gift it to your teacher if you want to be extra sweet. This one here is simple and classic enough for a range of ages.

Want a necklace more instrument specific? Here’s a violin, french horn, flute, and a piano.

4. Bow Hold Help

The Cellophant via Things for Strings

Ask anyone who’s ever played a string instrument and they’ll tell you: one of the most difficult skills to master at the beginning is just learning how to hold the bow.

But Ruth and Martha Brons have created some pretty cool accessories to help violinists, violists, and cellists learn how to master it a little easier. Their store is full of fish, elephants, and frogs ready to jump on for a bow ride full of fun!

5. Holiday Music Games

via Music in Practice

Why not gift some games to spice up their boring practice routine?

Right now, Sue Hunt is offering “12 Magical Christmas Practice Games” for kids on her website. And here are more to choose from for the rest of the year. Go check ’em out!

6. Playful Rosin

via Magic Rosin

How cool are these? It’s magic rosin for your little string player!

It’s just like regular rosin for their bow, only it’s clear and features fun designs on the bottom. Some have backgrounds with animals, holograms, and even composers. I would have gone crazy for these sparkle ones when I was a kid.

Ok. Honestly? I want them now!

7. Instrument Hanger

via Amazon String Swing store

I reallllly want to call this the “there’s no excuse not to practice” holder.

No need taking forever to pull your instrument out of your case. Just hang it up in a safe place, and voila – right there ready to goA procrastinator’s nightmare quick fix. 😉

String Swing makes an assortment of them for violins, guitars, mandolins, banjos, and ukeleles.

8. Picture Inspiration

via Etsy shop mackydesigns

Practice isn’t easy. And some days are a heck of a lot harder than others.

So when the going gets tough and your musician needs some motivation to keep on keeping on, an inspirational quote might just do the trick. I love this picture featuring a quote from Robert Schumann. Here’s a decal I would have liked to have on the wall of my bedroom as a kid – where I did the bulk of my practicing growing up.

9. Keychain

via Etsy shop catonealdesigns

Ever watched a musician get out the door? Let me tell you – it’s a riot.

You’ve got your instrument case on your back, your music bag on your shoulder, and a music stand in your hand. A real balancing act to say the least.

Oh, and did I mention there are doors to get through?

I would love a keychain like this one when it’s time to travel.  No stopping and digging around for your keys when you’re carrying your entire music studio from point to point. Just toss it on your wrist and you’re good to go.

10. A Little Black Book

via Staples

There’s always a piece to practice, a rehearsal to remember, and a tip from a teacher to write down.

And your musician can keep track of all of them in this little black book.

I found this one online at Staples, but moleskin notebooks are all over the place these days.

None of these are affiliate links. Just me, clicking around online to help you pick out presents 🙂

Happy gifting!

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